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Compensation Voucher Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions are subject to the voucher use upon its issue: 

Validity Period: The Compensation Voucher is valid for 24 months from the date of its issue. The voucher will expire after 24 months and cannot be extended.

Value: The voucher value is equivalent to the amount charged during the original booking of car rental services. The voucher may be applied within any car rental services that are part of the Booking Group system. Payment will be eligible for published car rental prices only. The voucher cannot be used to pay for other fees, for example ‘local taxes’, relating to other car rental services. The voucher does not annul cancellation policy terms and conditions. Voucher has no cash value.

Voucher use: This voucher can only be redeemed at EconomyBookings.com website. When applying the voucher no additional fees will be incurred. Voucher may not be redeemed anywhere else outside of the https://www.economybookings.com website. If you want to apply your Compensation Voucher, please go to the desktop version of EconomyBookings.com and choose your location, dates, and vehicle. Proceed to the payment step, find an empty field under the Price Summary and type your Voucher code as shown in the screenshot below.

Residual value: If redeemed for less than its face value, the remaining residual value of this voucher may be applied to subsequent car rental booking purchases at https://www.economybookings.com. The expiration date of the original voucher will apply to any residual value.

Transferability: Compensation Voucher issued through https://www.economybookings.com can be transferred to other clients for car rental services part of Booking Group. To transfer the voucher you must provide the other client with the combination of unique digits and characters for use when booking car rental services. By disclosing the voucher information shall be considered as authorization for use by the disclosed party. Owner takes full responsibility for protecting this information and Booking Group assumes no responsibility in case of voucher disclosure or unauthorized use at the moment of its redemption.

Theft or Loss: Voucher will not be replaced if stolen or lost.  

Sale or Trade/Barter: Despite the vouchers being transferrable they cannot be sold, traded or bartered. If a voucher is suspected of having been purchased, bartered or traded Booking Group reserves the right to void the voucher and the transaction.

*The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service to the extent such amendment is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

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